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The 'AllAboutForex' aims at developing a web site for firms which are involved in currency exchange business. The Forex business plays an important role in global market and as travel industry is booming every year, the need for money changers are becoming more vital. In order to reach the common man and to create an awareness of various aspects of money exchange market and to develop the business each forex dealing house should be web enabled. Through web enabling, the business will grow multifold and profitabitablity also increases.

'AllAboutForex' gives a broad idea about various instruments in money market like currencies, travellers cheques, quick money transfers like Western Union, Moneygram and also different cards like world money cards.The site will have main menus for the users to view on the various service offered by 'AllAboutForex' money changer. The web site will have some interactive feature for the users like checking the daily rates for various currencies. It will have the facility to book currencies on specific rates so that the users can collect them at specific locations.

The site will have features to locate the various branches and identify the through maps. It will also have a facility to contact the money changer for specific queries. Also a section of FAQs on money exchange aspects will also be added. Other feature like loading the daily currency rates by the site adminstrators will also be added.This website deals only with facts about Forex business and no real-time transactions are involved.

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